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Savanna Bell LMT


Savanna Bell LMT

Hey there! My name is Savanna Bell and I’m a licensed massage therapist in Tennessee. My first few years as a therapist were frustrating, to say the least. I left school with little knowledge in how to give a great massage, and absolutely no knowledge in how to actually get clients or keep them coming back. So when I opened my first practice, it was a disaster! I failed miserably because I didn’t know what to do and didn’t even know where to begin to figure it out. So, I went back to being an employee….and I hated it; but it gave me the opportunity to learn. And boy, did I learn. As an employee I learned a lot of what works and a whole lot of what doesn’t. I researched, read, and took classes, and eventually felt confident enough in my massage and business skills to try again. 

What a difference a few years made!

My second attempt at a practice was a complete success. Within a few months I was booking out a solid schedule and in less than a year was booking almost 6 months in advance, eventually working my way to 1-year schedule and a wait list of dozens of clients hoping for an opening. 

I was teaching continuing education classes on the side and after discussing business concepts with students, they kept coming back again and again for more help, and with complaints about the stuff they didn’t like to do…like marketing and coming up with content. I wanted to help.

So, I started My Massage World because it’s what I wish I had access to when I first started practicing years ago, and what thousands of massage therapists are using to get clients, keep them coming back, and build the massage business of their dreams.


My incredible husband, Jason

My girls, Eliza and Shelby

Our little backyard homestead

And good coffee

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