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There’s a lot that goes into starting, running, and growing a successful massage practice. It can be overwhelming! That’s why we want to break some of these business topics down to make it easy to understand and implement into your business.

Take a look and start turning your business into your dream!


There’s a lot of hindrances to growing a business, and those who succeed learn how to navigate through them one way or another.

It’s easy to get distracted. There’s a thousand things a day that need to get done when business is going well…and when it’s not, there’s still a lot to do.

Are you guilty of offering numerous services along with lots of add-ons and upgrades? If so, you may be losing out on all kinds of sales.

This is definitely not the announcement I’d like to make right now, but here it is…

While most clients you’ll see throughout your career will be wonderful, you’ll most likely experience some who aren’t so pleasant to work with.

I’m not a fan of considering other therapists your competition. However, from a basic business standpoint, they are. If there are other massage therapists in your area, that’s your competition.

Recently I’ve been working with some of our members to dig deep into their numbers; getting into the nitty gritty of the finances, the pricing, the retention rates, client value and spend, and all that good stuff.

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful massage practice. You need to know how to market, how to keep up with your finances, obviously the hands-on work has to be stellar, and all that good stuff…

I get asked a lot about business names. What name I think is “good” for someone’s business. And I love to work this stuff out with people, I really do. There’s usually a lot of thought that’s went into it;

Have you heard the term lifetime value or seen LTV used when talking about business metrics and KPIs? It’s a fundamental metric to understanding the health of your business.

Business is messy and perfectionism is the killer of far too many dreams. So today’s video is a bit different to help you see past the mess in your own business and focus on the real key to growing.

Recently I’ve been working with some of our members to dig deep into their numbers; getting into the nitty gritty of the finances, the pricing, the retention rates, client value and spend, and all that good stuff.

Social media can be an incredible tool to grow your business, but it’s a big mistake to be too reliant on it!

There are two primary ways to price your massage and bodywork services; which you choose will determine the cap of how much you’re able to make.

It’s an unfortunate and inevitable part of this industry. The dreaded happy ending requests, the “what’s your draping policy” or “I’m really hot, can I take the sheet off?” nonsense.

It’s a common complaint among massage therapists…massage schools need to teach this, this, and that. And yeah, there’s all kinds of stuff that “should” be taught in massage school. 

We all want a full book of clients, right? Especially regular clients…those who keep coming back again and again. But getting each client to return can seem a little daunting, and if you don’t have a solid rebooking strategy in place, you’re very likely letting money walk right out the door. 

If you look at websites, social media pages, and other forms of marketing and promotion for most massage businesses, you’ll find a pretty common focus: techniques. It’s in the services list, in their about section, and even included in their mission statements.

This shutdown and the unknowns surrounding reopening have caused a lot of people to stop and take a good look at their business, at what their goals are and why, and how to move forward in all this. And for many, that means really evaluating some major shifts in their business or even shutting down for quite a long period and starting over later.

We’re almost halfway through the last month of the second quarter and that means it’s a good time to do a quarterly review of your business. It’s kind of like a checkup you’d get at the doctor. We want to take a look at the vitals, ask and answer some questions to see how we’re doing, and make any adjustments for continued health.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about reopening after the shutdown so I thought I’d just compile them here so if you have the same concerns, we can cover it all at once. 

There are a lot of opinions on what makes a successful massage therapist. There are just as many opinions on what makes your business successful too. Whether it’s a certain amount of revenue or expansion into hiring other therapists, everyone has an idea of what equates to success. But no one can define what success means for you and your life other than you.

We had an incredible live class just for our members all about returning to work after the shutdown. We covered the new CDC recommendations massage therapists will need to follow, how to market in a post-shutdown world, the economic impact, and all-around what to do moving forward as you reopen your practice and get back to work.

One thing I keep seeing people talk about in their plans is the need to charge less, discounting and running specials and the like because of the financial hardship you’re assuming people have experienced. So let’s discuss this a bit…

I’m giving a little bit of tough love today. It might be a little more on the tough part than the love part, but it’s because I love y’all. So let’s talk about some things I keep seeing over and over again when it comes to the new guidelines and such as massage therapists get back to practice.

In many areas, things are going to be opening back up soon. Whether your region is going about it slowly or opening the floodgates, so to speak, it’s time to consider what that looks like for you. And while there’s a lot of things to consider for most of us, I think one of the biggest takeaways for the masses, is that your business and your life shouldn’t just go back to the way they were before.

We’re in a unique time right now. Business as usual has stopped and you probably have a bit more time on your hands right now. Let’s take this time, this unique opportunity of quiet and stillness in our businesses to re-orient ourselves, our goals, and our businesses.

Have you ever felt scared while running your business? If you’re like most, the answer is a resounding yes. I mean, business is scary, right? So bravery is a must. But what does that really look like?

Things are a bit crazy right now with the current COVID-19 circumstances and our industry being put in a standstill, but I thought this would be a good time to take a look at how to use slow times strategically to grow your business.

Many, if not all of you are out of work right now. Worldwide, our industry is almost entirely at a standstill.

There’s a struggle that a lot of massage therapists face when we’re focused on clinical work and “fixing” a client’s pain…how do you build a business based on repeat clientele when they don’t need “fixing” anymore? 

You can’t build a business on one-off massage clients. It just doesn’t work for most of us. You have to get clients who come back over and over again.

Let’s look at the 3 stages the typical difficult client goes through, and if not handled at the first stage, it’s only going to be progressively harder to curb that behavior in the next stages. 

Let’s talk about some standard stuff in the industry, and why I think you ought to throw some of it out the window. 

If you haven’t already, you may want to consider adding in some sort of community events to your practice, like workshops and classes, things like that. 

Let’s talk habits, specifically, how you can change your business by changing your own habits.  

There’s been some big changes with Facebook recently and it’s really taking a toll on businesses.

Let’s talk about insurance. Maybe not the most exciting topic, but one you do NOT want to avoid.

Have ever taken an appointment on your day off? Or lowered your prices because somebody just asked you to.

I wanted to talk to you today about the idea of honoring your price on existing clients indefinitely. That means raising your prices ONLY for new clients…

Let’s talk cash flow…specifically the 3 reasons you might be having a cash flow problem. 

I thought we could talk a bit about growing your business even when money is tight.

 I’ve got a little tough love to throw your way again. So let’s talk about why you don’t have clients;

Today we’re talking HIPAA, because there’s a lot of confusion out there about it. First, let me note, this video/blog is specific to USA laws and regulations.

Today we’re going to dive deep and talk numbers, and before you click away because I know some of you just thought “nope, ain’t doing it! I hate that part of business” or whatever…

Today we’re going to tackle this 6-figure goal that so many therapists seem to be touting as the be-all-end-all of success, and why I think this approach is B.S. 

We’ve only got about 2 ½ month until Christmas! I know you might think it’s early, but in this industry, the earlier you prep for the holiday season, the better off you’ll be.

I wanted to help finish the year by giving you a little tip for moving forward into 2020. Stop with all the nonsense marketing tricks and go back to the basics. 

As a small business owner, you may be like many others…starting out with big ideas and dreams, and not much else.

I’ve seen numerous therapists with questions involving the when and how of paying themselves as the owner.

I wanted to bust a myth for you guys today. And yes, I kind of have a dog in this fight, so to speak, because I’ve heard people rail against my business and others like it saying it’s of no use…so let me explain.

Let’s talk about building your own business when you’re operating within another business, like renting a room within an established salon or wellness center.  

 This week, let’s talk discounting…specifically how to be strategic with it instead of just throwing out discount after discount, hoping that results in a steady stream of clients.  

This week, let’s talk about the 3 types of potential clients you need to market to.

This is another little tough love session. Because it is time to stop playing the victim and stop playing the blame game in your business, and instead start taking responsibility for the failures YOU are responsible for.

Let’s talk about controlling your schedule in your business, because this is something I see all-too-often.

I want to focus on where you’re running your business from. What I mean by this is, are you making business decisions from a place of desperation or motivation? 

Today, let’s talk about marketing and the kind of promotions you’re running.  

This week, let’s talk websites. Because there’s a lot of bad ones out there, and there’s a lot of mistakes to be made in the process of getting one.

On any day, in any Facebook group, or business-based collection of people, this question will undoubtedly be asked…“What’s the best way to market?” or “How do I get clients?”  

Today, let’s talk about client follow up; why and how you should be doing it. 

Let’s discuss something that is even more important than your massage skills; more important than what modalities you practice; more important than any other aspect of your business when it comes to getting and retaining clients.  

When you think of writing out your SOAP notes, or whatever format of client and progress notes you may follow, you may stick with the usual…

 I thought I’d talk about what it takes to own a massage practice. 

Let’s talk about how to stay focused; specifically, when you’ve got a thousand things running through your head that are all supposed to be THE thing that will push your business over the top, right?

This week, let’s talk about how you can be charitable in your massage practice without killing your business in the process. 

This week’s video is inspired by a question that was posed in our private members’ only Facebook group about homemade products like sugar scrubs and things like that.

Let’s talk certifications in the massage industry. So, there seems to be some confusion among a lot of therapists, especially newer therapists about certifications and what they really mean.

This week let’s look at something a lot of therapists are suffering from…what I like to call “starving massage therapist syndrome” or as I’ve seen others call it, “starving healer syndrome”.

I wanted to discuss the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. 

There’s a great quote by Theodore Roosevelt…”People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

In this week’s video, let’s talk a bit about the importance of marketing; how you can’t sell what you don’t market. Straight out of the gate here, you have to sell…period.

Today we’re talking policies; what policies to have and why you need to always enforce them. Policies are crucial to a business. 

I thought to welcome in the new year, I’d talk about a key to getting stuff done and accomplishing your goals.

This week I wanted to address the difference between motivation and inspiration, because while these two terms are often used interchangeably, there are some clear distinctions to be made.

Today, we’re talking about how to raise your prices; How do you know it’s time to raise your rates? How much do you raise them by? How much notice do you give? And do you raise the price for existing clients or just new clients?

This week, we’re talking about how to know if you’re prioritizing the right things. So this week in the group we’re talking about business traps;

Since the holidays are just around the corner, in this week’s video I thought we’d talk about giving gifts in your business. 

We’re discussing burnout; what it is and what you can do to fight against it. 

This week, I thought we’d look at a few ways you might very well be doing some things that are not only not attracting clients, but are actually making people turn away from your business completely? 

I am here today with Reed Peterson and we are going to talk digital stuff for your massage practice.

Today we’re talking about doing all the not so fun stuff in your business, and how to keep yourself accountable when dealing with all those things you don’t like doing and yet are necessary for your business to succeed.

Today, we’re talking about your business budget; why you need one, and how to actually make one.

Today, we’re talking about the difference between marketing to get clients and
marketing to build a clientele.

Today, I thought I’d talk about the importance of simplicity when designing your site. 

 This week we are talking about business legalities, and in today’s blog/video it’s all about the 5 legal missteps you need to be aware of so you’re not getting in big trouble. 

 You may have heard about this important little facet to growing a business…networking. Well this week I’m giving you 4 tips to improve your networking efforts. 

I thought we’d talk client experience today…specifically how to design it, because this isn’t just something that happens; it’s something you have to strategically develop. 

I wanted to share with you some ideas for what types of retail products you can sell in your massage practice. 

We’re in the first week of October and that means the holidays are coming up fast. 

I wanted to talk to you about the importance of Facebook advertising and the 6 steps for creating a great Facebook ad. I’ve talked a little bit before about using Facebook to market your massage practice, but let’s get specific here and talk about ads.

I wanted to talk to you about the BS that comes with the phrase “know your worth”. Alright, before you jump all over me and say I’m devaluing the profession or anyone in it, take a couple minutes to hear what I’m actually saying. 

So the idea of money management, and really, anytime we talk finances, a lot of business owners just kind of tune out. It’s not the most exciting topic, right?

I’m talking about copywriting again, specifically service descriptions and that what is most often put out there is in no way convincing anyone to book that service with you. 

In this week’s video we’re talking about the struggle of marketing something completely intangible – like massage therapy. 

I wanted to talk to you about this subject of “training people how to treat you.” 

I want to talk to you about some of the biggest mistakes massage therapists are making when it comes to copywriting, that’s causing clients to not book and losing you money. 

I’m going to go against some popular advice when it comes to productivity and tell you to do the opposite of what many promote in order to stay motivated and get the hard stuff done in your business. 

In this week’s blog/video I wanted to deliver a little tough love and show you how you might very well be your own worst enemy; how you might be working hard to succeed, but you’re just getting in your own way.

So, whether you’ve been eyeing the local gym, a factory, or some nearby schools, you will want to watch this. 

I wanted to talk to you about what you’re tracking in your business and why it may be a complete waste of your time. 

In this week’s blog/video I wanted to deliver a little tough love and show you how you might very well be your own worst enemy; how you might be working hard to succeed, but you’re just getting in your own way.

Today’s blog/video is all about how we as professional massage therapists should handle the dreaded jokes and requests concerning what’s often referred to as a “happy ending”.

Today’s video is all about busting some of the most common myths that still seem to exist in the industry, despite having been debunked for years. 

Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can get super detailed with your marketing to get a better return on your investments, so you can stop throwing away your money.

Today’s video is all about using triggers in your marketing. So, what are triggers and how can we use them to get clients on the table?
Today’s blog/video is all about your brand’s reputation and why it might not be what you think it is…

In today’s blog/video, I want to talk to you about the 3 big changes to make to your website to actually get people to book with you. 

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of a call to action, and how getting comfortable with the two different forms of call to action can really benefit your massage practice.
If you have been trying to grow your massage practice for any amount of time, you’ve heard the terms niche or ideal client…
Today’s blog/video is all about how to handle a bad review and what you can learn from Dominos in how they handled some pretty harsh criticism.
A lot of therapists have trouble coming up with prices for their services. In today’s video we are going to go over some ways to determine your pricing.
Today’s video is about how in order to be a real boss, a constructive and efficient business owner, and for your business to be successful you need to treat yourself like an employee.
Today’s video is all about how you can transition from an employee to self-employed.
I am a huge supporter of social media for marketing. It is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your ideal audience and entice them to book an appointment, but can you build a business without it?
I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions, it’s just not my thing. Not that their a bad thing. I just don’t see the point in waiting until the new year to take action on something I think you should be striving to achieve at every point throughout the year.
We are coming up on Valentine’s Day in just a couple of weeks, so I thought that today I would discuss some promotional ideas for this holiday.
I want to give you five must dos and five common mistakes when starting your massage practice.
Today I want to talk to you about taking the focus off of you in your business because the harsh reality is, no one cares.
Today I want to talk to you about how to nail your next massage sales pitch. Don’t get all bent out of shape at the term sales pitch…
Today I want to talk to you about how to create a sustainable work-life balance.
Let me just say, there is no such thing as just a small business owner, small business owners are nothing to take lightly.
Today’s video is all about how to promote your new employees without screwing over your existing employees…
You might have seen some people freaking out over the last few days about a press release that Facebook put out concerning a new algorithm change.
Today we’re talking about burnout what it is, and how to fix.
I know a lot of people hate bookkeeping, we are massage therapists not accountants.
I wanted to take this opportunity to address both massage therapists, and clients who are shaken by the recent news concerning Massage Envy.
What is the foundational mission of your business, and what does it have to do with fast food?
We’re going to look at how a successful massage practice is kind of like kicking a field goal.

Did you know that even though you don’t have a massage therapist working for you who you call independent contractors, you probably still have independent contractors. 

I’ve had it brought up over and over again asking why I do what I do, and what this company is all about.

Today I am going to tell you all the crap that your massage school won’t, or
at least what most massage schools won’t tell you.
I want to talk about a divide in our industry. Those who practice strictly that which
is evidence-based so they only use techniques that have scientific backing and that there’s  research to support…
When you’re marketing your massage practice do you think you should appeal
more to your client’s wants or to your clients needs?
I started my clientele over again from scratch a few years ago and now I stay booked a year in advance…
I want to talk about injuries as a massage therapist it’s an all too common problem in our industry.
Are you letting other people’s opinions of you and your business affect your
If you’re feeling like you’re not quite where you want to be in business right now, and you’re getting down in the dumps you need to pay attention…
Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get clients in the door or why
they don’t come back?
If you read anything or listen to anything about growing a business, you
have no doubt heard again and again about the importance of hustle…
Basically, what’s happened is that Facebook has moved all page posts, meaning the stuff that you as a business post, out of the typical newsfeed…
So, I’ve seen this question posed over and over again. It’s one of the most common ones out there by therapists who are trying to build a business, why am I not getting more clients, or why are clients not coming back?
The last several years company culture and company core values have become increasingly important.
You’ve undoubtedly heard the term ideal client or ideal customer. While you may think you understand this, there’s one key component of your ideal client description that you’re probably missing…

It’s a common question across all industries and massage therapy is no different, what do I post on Facebook? There is no black and white answer for that.

Next to how do I get more clients, it’s probably the most asked question of any massage practice owner. How do I get consistent, reliable, repeat clients?

This week, I want to talk about how to use a Facebook feature that can make your post a lot more efficient and make sure your stuff is getting in front of right people, kind of important right?

We’ve all seen promotions “for a limited time only” products. There’s a reason these are popular, they work.

We all like discounts, what’s wrong with saving a little money, right? It’s fantastic but not so much if you’re the one having to give the discounts.

If you’re trying to learn more about how to build your massage practice, you’ve undoubtedly heard everyone say “market, market, market,” especially on social media, right?

Are your marketing efforts just not working for you? Maybe you’ve thrown a bunch of money at it but nothing seems to stick.

It’s an unfortunate side to the profession that most of us will have to deal with. 

Today we’re going to look at four ways you can spice things up to make yourself stand out from the crowd at any event.

I want to answer a question that I get asked a lot when I’m teaching CE classes or when I’m mentoring. How often should I post to Facebook?

Quit asking people to like your page, you do not want everyone and their brother’s dog to like your Facebook page.

Have you ever been in a funk? Like you’re not feeling as motivated as usual, don’t seem to be accomplishing quite as much as you normally do, or generally feel like you’re just off in some way?


There is a particular skill-set that is crucial to your business and yet is often overlooked as if it were some obvious thing that no one ever has to think of; but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


There are 3 primary types of potential clients, and you’ll need to write your copy in a slightly different way for each in order to have the most impact.


There’s this idea that you’re somehow less successful if you decide to stay solo, and it’s simply not true. It boils down to a single question you have to ask yourself…


There is a big difference between being cheap and being strategic with your money; one will help you to grow quickly and the other will only hurt your business; and yet these are often confused by entrepreneurs.


It’s not just about “should I” but also about all the other circumstances that come along with this major business decision. So we’re going to look at 4 questions to ask yourself to know if it’s time to raise your rates.


Gift card sales shouldn’t be a passive activity that only the client brings up to you. Instead, this should be something you actively promote on a regular basis.


You can’t just sit back and expect clients to come to you; you have to get out there and draw them in. There’s social media, email marketing, websites, events, open houses…the list goes on and on. Where do you start?


Do you share all your baggage on a first date? Do you spill your whole life story on a first date? Do you get down on one knee and propose on a first date? NO! Then why would you sell the first time you interact with a potential client?


You run a business! If you’re not selling, you don’t have a business, you have an expensive hobby. But how do you sell without coming across as sleazy?


Whether these are rare occurrences or a regular thing for you, knowing how to use that slow time wisely will benefit your business immensely. So let’s look at 10 ways to use those slow times to boost your business…


Are you letting others’ opinions of you and your business affect your practice? Owning a business takes guts. You’re putting yourself out there for the world to see, and you know what happens when you do that, right? There will ALWAYS be critics.


Your website is one of the most effective forms of marketing available, but only if you use it correctly. So, is your website helping or hurting your business?


I know we all like to see a large number of likes on our business pages, but that’s not necessarily going to help you. It’s not about the quantity of likes, it’s about the quality of those likes.

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