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Today’s video is going to be a little different. We had an incredible live class just for our members yesterday all about returning to work after the shutdown. We covered the new CDC recommendations massage therapists will need to follow, how to market in a post-shutdown world, the economic impact, and all-around what to do moving forward as you reopen your practice and get back to work.

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback already, and the replay is now up for our members. This is just one of several classes we offer and replays always remain available. For those of you who aren’t yet members, I wanted to give you just a little peek at what things are like…so here’s just a snippet from the live class yesterday. It was a 2 hour class followed by almost 2 more hours of discussion and chatting about all things in the post-shutdown world of massage, and here’s just 6 minutes that might give you some serious insight if you’re worried about pricing once you get back to work.


Our members get one-on-one and group help along with thousands of pieces of marketing content, business tips, and classes to learn how to build the massage practice of your dreams.

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