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Do you share all your baggage on a first date?

Do you spill your whole life story on a first date?

Do you get down on one knee and propose on a first date?


Then why would you sell the first time you interact with a potential client?

Marketing isn’t just about selling….it’s about building a relationship.

Obviously, I’m not saying you are going to literally date your clients. But you have to think of marketing like you think of dating. You show the great parts of who you are and what you bring to the table. You get to know the person. You take interest in what they say and what they do. Instead of just listing all the facts you know, you apply it to that person, and how it relates to the conversation and stories being shared. You ask them about themselves and then relate it back to you.

This is the exact same thing you SHOULD be doing when you first interact with a potential client. You don’t give them the laundry list of what you know, what modalities you offer, or how smart you are. You ask them about what problems they’re having and relate it back to what you do, more specifically, how you can help them.

Think about this in every piece of marketing you do, whether in person, or a brochure or business card you leave somewhere, on your website or social media page. Leave the impression that you truly care about the pain or issues your potential clients are having, and relate it back to how you can help.

What we often forget as therapists, is how much trust we’re asking someone to have in us. Think back to your very first massage. Were you nervous? Did you know exactly what to expect? Were you self-conscious? Remember that you’re asking someone to take off their clothes and lie on a table in a dark room and allow a complete stranger to massage *almost* their entire body. That takes a lot of trust. You need to present yourself in such a way that they trust you, regardless of the way they’ve heard about you. For us as massage therapists, we forget that vulnerability that we ask of our clients. Put yourself in their shoes and speak to them with that in mind.

If you can make someone trust you, you’ve laid a strong foundation for a life-long client.

But trust doesn’t happen overnight. It is built over time. So take the time to court your clients. Get to know them. What problems do they have? What stops them from making that appointment? When you can answer these questions….THEN you can start selling.

If they don’t trust you, they’ll never book an appointment anyway…so what’s the point in selling?


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