Branding is essential to setting yourself apart from the crowd.

It helps your business convey professionalism, and can instantly build trust with potential clients. But it’s expensive! Not many therapists can hand over a few thousand dollars to have a professional designer work up a completely customized branding set along with marketing materials, business forms, and everything else you need to get your business going. And let’s face it…those cheap “designers” across the internet are often just hobbyists, or lack the skills to understand the nuances of real design and branding. So we created a solution…



Each bundle has been specifically designed just for My Massage World. You pick the one you love, give us the customization details, and our professional graphic designer customizes it just for you.

Even though these are bundles that will be used by massage therapists around the world, each is customized with your own unique colors, photos, and information, allowing you to hit the ground running with a distinctive brand in place, while saving you a ton of money in the process.



Select a logo to preview the entire bundle  
*names and slogans are customized for you*  
How does it work?

Make your selection above to preview the full branding bundle, add it to your cart, and checkout.

You’ll immediately be redirected to a page that will allow you to give us all the information you want included in your brand. You’ll tell us your name, company name, and/or slogan to be in the logo, what colors you want to change to, your company contact info and all the text to include, and any alternative photo choices.

We give all that information to our designer, Samantha, who will confirm that she has everything she needs from you to get started.

We’ll send you an email within 24 hours to let you know that we’ve received your request and to give you a firm date of expected completion.

You’ll receive your first draft of all component within 7 days.

Once we receive details on edits to be made, we’ll deliver the final draft within 3-5 days.

Once you approve the final design, you’ll be emailed the full, completed project.*

What parts can I customize?

We all want a unique business brand, so you can customize the following…

Business Name
Business & Contact Information
All Text
Alternate Photo Options

Are these really done by a professional?


Meet Samantha….the amazing graphic designer from Happenstance Studio:

“Hi there! My name is Samantha (yup, you can call me Sam) and I’m the heart + soul + proud biz mama behind Happenstance Studio. Most days you’ll find me clicking away in my home office or snuggling up with all my furbabies on the couch. While I do love a cozy night at home I’m not always a homebody—there’s a little adventurer in me! I’ve been skydiving (totally recommend it), am scuba certified and love exploring new cities as well as my first love, KC. You will almost always find me in ripped jeans and a ball cap, searching for brunch or desserts with a hole in the middle and constantly obsessing over Halloween—I literally start counting down in January. A good spring cleaning binge gives me serious joy and I completely believe that pasta and puppy butts are the keys to happiness. Overall I’m a pretty laid back, down-to-earth gal who speaks fluent sarcasm, loves to laugh and just wants to make pretty things for good people.

I have been a graphic designer for 10+ years and have worked in all manner of settings including a design and marketing agency, in-house and freelance. With experience designing for retail, real estate, finance, utilities, small businesses and corporations I have been able to work with all manner of people and projects in my career. Currently, my focus is creating beautiful brand identities for creative entrepreneurs and enthusiastic start-ups like yourself! I love helping those who are taking charge of their lives and their businesses and I understand the struggles because I’m doing it, too.”

You can learn more about Samantha and her business at

What’s Included?

We know the numerous types of marketing materials and general business forms that you need for the everyday process of running and advertising a massage practice. That’s why we’ve made these bundles as comprehensive as possible, with everything from a business card and brochure to intake forms and chair massage sign up sheets.

This many elements, designed from scratch will typically cost well over $2,500

With our Brand Bundles, you get your entire branding package for only $650!

Main Logo Color Palette Alternate Logo Patterns Submark & Stamp
Business Card Tri-Fold Brochure Rack Card Referral Card 17 Editable Forms
What format are these delivered in?
1 main logo (EPS, JPG, PNG)
Choice of 2 colors for palette
1 alternate orientation logo (EPS, JPG , PNG)
1 pattern (JPG at 12″x12″ at 300dpi)
1 submark (EPS, JPG, PNG)
1 business card (3.5″x2″, double-sided, InDesign file and PDF)
1 tri-fold brochure (8.5″x11″, double-sided, InDesign file and PDF)
1 rack card (size TBD, double-sided, InDesign file and PDF)
1 referral card (3.5″x2″, front only, InDesign file and PDF)
 17 editable forms package (editable DOC)
 1 page quick reference sheet outlining the color palette codes and a few quick tips on file types and printing guidelines (PDF)
*Please note: You will receive all components as digital files, NOT printed materials.



*If you need any edits after the project has been completed, further charges will apply at a rate of $100/hr