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Who we serve: Massage Therapists around the globe who want to build a successful practice but don’t know how. We’re here to offer the tools and knowledge you need to take the stress out of growing your business.

How we do it: Continuously fresh content for you to share so you’re not spending hours every week designing, writing, and doing any of the other work that you need to do to market your practice. All the hard work has been done for you! Business tips and step-by-step classes to walk you through all the ins and outs of building and running a successful practice; from branding and finances, to web design and copywriting, and everything in between.


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Business Classes:  In-depth training on key business concepts and implementation strategies to make your business everything you want it to be. New classes added regularly.

Stock Photos: Realistic photos for massage therapists by massage therapists. Show your clients what massage is really like; real bodies – real techniques. New photos added every month.

Stock Videos: Grab your clients’ attention with realistic, short videos of massage therapy you can edit and use to create your own unique promotional videos. New videos added every month.

Brand Bundle Templates: Easily create your brand visuals with our ready-made brand bundles that include cohesively designed elements; everything from logos to brochures and intake forms. No more waiting on designers or spending thousands of dollars. Save money and time, while maintaining complete control.

Blog Posts:  Educate and help your clients even when they’re not on the table with pre-written content for you to copy and paste into your blog or newsletter with just a few clicks. A new post is added every week.

Promo Graphics:  Beautiful images and calls to action to keep you top-of-mind on your social media pages, emails, and website. 10 new graphics added every week.

Promo Videos: Entice and educate your clients with done-for-you videos covering a variety of topics from self-care tips to reminders to book an appointment. A new promo video is added every week.

Links to Share: Keep your clients informed and aware of the latest health and wellness tips. Simply copy and paste links of professional articles from across the internet on a variety of health and self-care topics. Five new links are added every week.

Private Facebook Group: Direct access to daily business tips, mentoring, and advice from Savanna Bell LMT, along with all the other members working to grow their massage practices.

Business Insights: Detailed, actionable strategies and tips to fine tune every part of your business. A new insight article is added every week.

Office Hours: Weekly appointments available for one-on-one guidance to help take your business to the next level


Many of us leave massage school with little to no business training, and there aren’t many options for continued education on the subject. When I opened my first practice, I thought it would be easy, but oh how naïve and wrong I was! I failed miserably because I didn’t know what to do and didn’t even know where to begin to figure it out. So I went back to being an employee….and I hated it; but it gave me the opportunity to learn.

I learned what to do and what NOT to do. Ways to get clients in the door and how to keep them coming back. I spent several years absorbing, learning, and implementing strategies in my second attempt at my own practice. This time I succeeded. With a successful practice that maintained a busy, steady schedule, booking a year in advance, I had it down.

There’s no secret formula, or 1-2-3 step-by-step program. How to build a successful massage practice is a messy question with no neat answer. If I could give you a secret formula, I would, but if there was one, every business would be successful. There are numerous sections and nuances to it all, but with a little guidance in the parts you’re struggling with, you’re sure to build a practice that you love AND that supports you and your family in the process.

We take care of many of the behind-the-scenes necessities you need for a successful practice and teach you how to build from the ground up. I wish I had this sort of solution when I started my business. It would have made things much easier and saved me so much time and trial-and-error. But that’s why I developed My Massage World. To save you time in running your business so you can enjoy your business and the lifestyle it allows you. To give you the tools and knowledge to grow your massage practice…fast!

Get instant access to thousands of pieces of content ready for use right now, plus new content added every month


20 Stock Photos
2 Stock Videos
4 Blog Posts
40 Promotional Graphics
4 Promotional Videos
20 Links to Share
4 Business Insight Articles



*keep the photos, graphics, blog posts, etc. even if you cancel

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