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Gift a Membership

Give your favorite massage therapist the gift of success!

We’ll teach therapists how to start, run, and grow a successful, profitable massage practice.

We’ll make marketing content so they can focus on clients and building the business of their dreams.

  • Business Classes
  • Private Supportive Community
  • Business Tips
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • Stock Photos
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Blog Posts
  • Promotional Videos
  • Brand Bundles
  • Links to Share
  • and more

“It was exactly what I needed and then some…I signed up for the community membership and I will never look back. Not only have I gained inspiration…I have cleaned up my website and made it into something I am extremely proud of. Beyond that, I have access to high quality graphics, videos, and stock photos of real people getting real bodywork, plus articles and blog posts that I can share with clients. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of the potential that Savanna’s community can bring. I look forward to being a member for a long time to come.”

– Grace Millwood



In-depth on-demand training on key business concepts and implementation strategies to make your business everything you want it to be, including

  • Brand Development
  • Business 101
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Creating an Experience
  • Website Design & Development
  • Bookkeeping 101
  • Marketing 101
  • and more

with new classes added regularly!


Realistic photos for massage therapists by massage therapists. Show your clients what massage is really like; real bodies – real techniques.

New photos are added regularly!


Grab your clients’ attention with realistic, short videos of massage therapy you can edit and use to create your own unique promotional videos.

New videos added every month.


Beautiful images and calls to action to keep you top-of-mind on your social media pages, emails, and website.

10 new graphics are added every week.


Entice and educate your clients with done-for-you videos covering a variety of topics from self-care tips to reminders to book an appointment.

A new promo video is added every week!


Easily create your brand visuals with our ready-made brand bundles that include cohesively designed elements; everything from logos to brochures and intake forms. No more waiting on designers or spending thousands of dollars. Save money and time, while maintaining complete control.


With over 250,000 downloads of our free business forms, we know they’re needed. Now you can customize every one of them to fit your business. Whether you’re adding your own branding, changing up some of the questions and content, or anything else, you’ll have complete control!

Business Forms


Educate and help your clients even when they’re not on the table with pre-written content for you to copy and paste into your blog or newsletter with just a few clicks, or spend just a few minutes to make it unique to your business.

A new blog post is added every week.


Keep your clients informed and aware of the latest health and wellness tips. Simply copy and paste links of professional articles from across the internet on a variety of health and self-care topics. Hundreds of curated articles at your fingertips.

Five new links are added every week!


Join a supportive community of like-minded massage therapists from around the globe who are all working to build their dream businesses. Direct help, advice, and feedback from people who have walked a similar path to yours.

A Supportive Community


Detailed, actionable strategies and tips to fine tune every part of your business. A new insight article is added every week.

A women writing her blog


Weekly appointments available for one-on-one guidance to help take your business to the next level. Whether you need someone to teach and walk you through something you’re struggling to handle in your business, or you just want to bounce some ideas off us, we’re here to help.


We’ve partnered with companies inside and outside the industry to give members exclusive discounts on services like website design, liability insurance, and review acquisition.

“Savanna and My Massage World have saved me countless of hours on my marketing. The blog content, professional development articles, and social images that the membership provides have made promoting my business so much easier. She is a fantastic resource for any massage therapist serious about building their practice, or taking their practice to the next level. Any question I’ve had, she has had an answer! I highly recommend My Massage World without reservation!”

-Rachel Carroll, CNMT, LMT
The Neuromuscular Studio, LLC

“Being a member to My Massage World has been a game changer to my business…It saves countless hours on social media…Truly has been a ifesaver. Nothing is more authentic than this! The other services, such as all written blog posts, promo videos, free classes, helped grow my business too…I highly recommend getting a membership. It’s the best investment you can make for your business.”

– Sarah Hale

“I love being a paid member of My Massage World. It offers such a wide variety of content, and Savanna Bell Moore’s tough love style is kind but empowering. Interacting with my mutually supportive fellow LMTs in the Facebook groups also creates community in a profession that can at times be lonely when you are working for yourself.
The weekly videos give me tips for my private practice, and help me evaluate if I’m on track. The social media images are also very useful for those who are short on time but still want to post regularly.
Compared to other subscriptions that just include social media images, My Massage World includes everything you will need to be successful as a Licensed Massage Therapist and take your game to the next level.
It’s also run by an extremely approachable LMT who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.”

– Sarah Downing

“Since joining My Massage World, I am able to provide my clients and followers with weekly blog posts that are informative and engaging. I also save a ton of time because the research in the articles is done for me! All I have to do is copy and paste. 
Also, I always have a huge variety in the library of photos available for creating quick posts and this saves me so much time. It looks like I put a lot of time into my social media, when I really don’t. I’m so thankful that Savanna has created a way for me to stay actively engaged with my followers, while I’m actually saving a ton of time in comparison to when I was doing it all myself.”

-Megan Strohhacker, LMT

“I find the marketing club helps me with ideas for content and gives me great quality images to share on my social media. It means I can market professionally in much less time freeing me up to see clients.”

– Anna Pluck
Relax Therapies
Wirral, England

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