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6 Tips for a Successful Rebrand

The shutdowns and subsequent change-ups in local markets and economies, as well as some serious time to reflect over the last year or so have given a lot of massage therapists a nudge to rebrand their businesses. If you’ve been…

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Niche Down on an Experience Not a Modality

A lot of massage therapists talk about niching down, focusing on a specific modality or style of work or something along those lines. You know, prenatal therapists, oncology therapists, pain management therapists, that sort of thing. That’s wonderful, and I’m…

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4 Tips on Naming Your Business

I get asked a lot about business names. What name I think is “good” for someone’s business. And I love to work this stuff out with people, I really do. There’s usually a lot of thought that’s went into it;…

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