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Effective Client Relations

While some people prefer the term 'customer service', I find the term client relations more appropriate and applicable to us in the massage industry. We're not just talking about providing great customer service in the traditional sense, but creating a…

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Why People Buy

We like to consider ourselves logical beings; that we make informed decisions and come to a conclusion based on facts and figures...but studies show that’s not exactly true. In fact, numerous studies have shown that we make decisions, including purchasing…

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When & How to Fire a Client

We all face it at one point or another in our career…  While most clients you’ll see throughout your career will be wonderful, you’ll most likely experience some who aren’t so pleasant to work with. And then there’s that very…

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The 3 Stages of a Difficult Client

Let’s look at the 3 stages the typical difficult client goes through, and if not handled at the first stage, it’s only going to be progressively harder to curb that behavior in the next stages.  STAGE ONE   Pushing Boundaries  We’ve…

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Why & How to Follow Up With Clients

So you have a client come in for an appointment. They love the massage, pay you, and then they’re gone. But if you’re leaving things there, if you’re not following up with that client, you’re letting money walk out the door;…

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Gift Giving In Your Business

Since the holidays are just around the corner, in this week I thought we’d talk about giving gifts in your business. The holidays are going to be here before you know it, and while I’ve talked about marketing during this…

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