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Is Raising Your Rates Really The Answer?

Anytime a massage therapist mentions that they’re not making enough money or otherwise struggling financially, the very first thing I see people racing to say is “raise your rates”. This is the go-to answer for financial trouble for so many…

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How Much Do You Make & Spend Per Massage?

Y’all know I preach on the importance of knowing your numbers, including all your KPIs, or key performance indicators. These are metrics that give you a lot of insight into your business; insights into what’s going right or wrong, and…

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Post-COVID Financial Recovery

It’s no secret that 2020 handed small businesses a horrible deal. Months with no revenue, landlords and utility companies still expecting payment, and extraordinary precautionary measures to take if and when you reopened. Entrepreneurs around the world have emptied their…

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Do You Know Your Client Value

Have you heard the term lifetime value or seen LTV used when talking about business metrics and KPIs? It’s a fundamental metric to understanding the health of your business. It’s going to help you determine what marketing efforts are worth…

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How to Pay Yourself

I’ve seen numerous therapists with questions involving the when and how of paying themselves as the owner. You may think you need to reach a specific amount of revenue or be in business a certain amount of time in order…

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How to Discount Strategically

This week, let’s talk discounting…specifically how to be strategic with it instead of just throwing out discount after discount, hoping that results in a steady stream of clients.   Discounting is a hot-button issue for a lot of therapists, and there…

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