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Are You Advertising or Marketing?

Many people use the terms marketing and advertising interchangeably, but there are some big differences between the two, and it’s important that you as a business owner understand those differences. While you may think they’re just some business terms, not…

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Using Scarcity Marketing to Get Massage Clients

Scarcity marketing is an approach that can drastically increase your clientele, with relatively little work on your part. It’s not about paying for this or that, spending hours crafting the perfect offer, or your more traditional marketing tactics, but rather…

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Why People Buy

We like to consider ourselves logical beings; that we make informed decisions and come to a conclusion based on facts and figures...but studies show that’s not exactly true. In fact, numerous studies have shown that we make decisions, including purchasing…

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If You Can’t Find Events Make Your Own

A year ago, finding events where you could network, get some personal exposure in your community, build your brand, and speak directly to your audience, that was easy. They were a regular occurrence probably. But now, given the circumstances of…

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Holiday Planning

It’s November, y’all! That means a month of thankful posts all over Facebook and Instagram and about 8 weeks until Christmas! So, what have you got in the works for the holidays? If you haven’t yet, now is the time to…

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Sell Solutions Not Techniques

If you look at websites, social media pages, and other forms of marketing and promotion for most massage businesses, you’ll find a pretty common focus: techniques. It’s in the services list, in their about section, and even included in their…

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