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How to Switch to Client-Centered Language

In marketing, there’s a fine balance that needs to be struck between sharing some information about yourself to make a connection with your ideal clients, and focusing so much on yourself that you turn off those same people. Remember, everything…

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If you’ve kept up with my most recent posts and videos from the end of last year, you know I ended our business membership program and took off the first quarter of 2021 to get some health stuff in order…

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Goodbye For Now

If you watched the video or read the blog from a couple months ago with my big announcement, you know that we’re closing things down – at least for now – so I can focus on getting some health issues…

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Important Announcement

This post is going to be a bit different than usual, as I’ve got a pretty big announcement, and quite honestly, this is not the news I’d like to be delivering when I say I have an announcement. I’d much…

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Answering a Few Questions From My Inbox

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about reopening after the shutdown so I thought I’d just compile them here so if you have the same concerns, we can cover it all at once.   Between emails, Facebook messages, texts, and phone calls, I’ve…

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How to Reach Your New Year’s Goals

I thought to welcome in the new year, I’d talk about a key to getting stuff done and accomplishing your goals. Here’s the thing…with a new year there’s all kinds of people setting resolutions and talking about doing better, getting…

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