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Develop Your Local Network – Sneak Peek of 30-Day Business Transformation


Again this week, I’ve got a bit of a different post for you as this is part 6 of a 7 part series sharing a sneak peek into my new 30-Day Business Transformation program, so it’s video only format.

This week is a small section of Module 6: Develop Your Marketing Strategy. Building a local network isn’t as simple as answering “should I join a BNI?” or “where should I leave cards?”. There has to be a strategy and purpose around each relationship, because that’s what you’re building…networking relationships.


Check out the video over on YouTube right now to get this sneak peek!



Don’t forget to check out everything included in the 30-Day Business Transformation program to see if it’s right for you. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. I’m happy to help however I can.

Hey there! I'm a massage therapist, educator, writer, and business pro helping massage therapists around the world build successful businesses. My goal is to give you everything you need to start, run, and grow a profitable massage practice that supports a life you love, all without the headaches I went through learning how to do it myself.

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