Yes, the holidays are still a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to up your gift card game! Gift cards aren’t just for the holidays, but for any occasion, so why not make those sales part of your regular marketing, just like you do your standard services?

Gift card sales shouldn’t be a passive activity that only the client brings up to you. Instead, this should be something you actively promote on a regular basis.

Here’s 7 simple ways you can push those gift card sales all year long without being salesy…


Have a nice display of your gift cards right on the desk or counter where you handle each client’s checkout and rebooking process. Seeing a display of gift cards will help to remind clients, and potential clients, that they probably know someone they need to get a gift for.


Although it’s perfectly acceptable to have a standard gift card that you sell year round, those that look relevant to specific holidays or celebrations will grab someone’s attention much more than the plain one they’ve seen before.

If they have a friend or family member whose birthday is coming up, and they look down at your checkout counter to see a fun, birthday themed gift card, it will trigger them to think about that person and the fact that they need to get them a gift; making them much more likely to go ahead and purchase a gift card right then and there.

And of course, people want to feel like they’re giving something special, not just a plain gift card. Even though the gift itself is the same as any other gift card, having a special box to put it in or a fancier envelope, will make the gift appear that much more special.


To go along with those beautiful gift cards, you can also offer special packages specific to each holiday or season. For example, any fall specials like a pumpkin spice spa package (or anti-pumpkin spice for those who are over the whole thing) is promoted for gift cards bought during the month of October. For Mother’s Day, you might combine some services to create a Mom’s Day Out package, or a Mom & Me service bundle. Don’t forget to display these packages right next to your gift card display! You may offer a special discount for packages bought on a gift card or include a free scrub or other product with every gift card purchase. Use your imagination and combine every holiday and season into marketing those gift cards!


Let’s face it, we all love online shopping. It’s quick and extremely convenient when you’re in a bind and can’t get to the store. It’s just as convenient and amazing when you can offer a gift card sale any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world, with just a few simple clicks.

It’s not enough to just offer them though. You need to make this an active part of your marketing. Have a large call-to-action button on the homepage of your website. Post to social media regularly that you have instant gift cards available. Include the link in all your email blasts and newsletters. Change your Facebook button to take them directly to your gift card link. Make it as easy as possible for your clients, and those who love them, to purchase a gift card.


This is a crucial part of making gift card sales an active part of your practice. This doesn’t have to be salesy or sleazy in the least. Every time you are checking out a client and you’ve booked their next appointment, simply ask if they’d like to get a gift card for anyone. Most of the time you’ll probably hear “no thanks” and that’s ok. No one is going to be offended by you asking a very quick, simple question they can easily say no to. But what you’ll notice, is those clients who say “Oh, yes! I totally forgot I need to get my wife something for her birthday!” or something similar. It’s just a gentle reminder that you have them available.


*And of course, since you’ll have a beautiful display of cards at your checkout counter, just point and ask!


There’s nothing like a little incentive to get people to make a purchase! It may be something you do regularly, or you may only reserve it for special occasions and specific holidays, but this is a very effective way to entice people to buy gift cards. A common one you might see is: ‘Spend $100 on gift cards for someone else and get a $25 gift card for yourself!’ Of course you can alter that any way you like, but that’s a pretty general way to give something to the buyer in return for their gift card purchase. People like to give, but they also like to get!


WHAT!?!?!? I know this goes against everything I teach, and what any other marketing expert will tell you, but there’s a reason. Remember, as much as you target your ideal client with all your regular ads and promotions, you want people to purchase FOR those ideal clients. So when it comes to marketing your gift cards, it’s ok to spread your reach a little bit and target people who don’t necessarily lie in that perfect demographic, but who probably know those that do. For example, if your ideal client is a female athlete, you may target male athletes to try to get in front of your ideal clients’ husbands. Think outside the box a little bit!

I hope you’ll use these tips to boost your gift card sales – not just for holidays – but all year round!

 *Don’t forget…It’s vital to know your state regulations regarding gift cards! Some states do not allow any expiration, while others require you to honor the gift card for 2-5 years. To find out what your state requires, check out this link: