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How to Reach Your New Year’s Goals

I thought to welcome in the new year, I’d talk about a key to getting stuff done and accomplishing your goals.

Here’s the thing…with a new year there’s all kinds of people setting resolutions and talking about doing better, getting more done, and generally accomplishing their goals, right? But did you know that while it’s estimated that over half of people make a New Year’s resolution, less than 10% actually follow through with it to completion? That’s pretty sad. So let’s talk about how to get stuff done that actually works.

Now I know there are a gazillion and one productivity hacks and “get more done in less time” kind of tools and strategies out there. I know. Some of them are great. Some of them are complete crap. But I’m not talking about fitting more tasks into a day. I’m talking about achieving your goals because you’re working smarter. And that’s the key. It’s not about being busy and getting a lot done. It’s about being efficient with everything we do so we actually reach our goals.

So, let’s look at two ways to make sure you’re going to accomplish your goals this year.

#1  Focus on what’s important

Stop getting caught up in every new guru that comes along. Stop reading book after book. Stop binge watching their videos, or even my videos. Name your resolution, your goal for the year and determine exactly what you’ll need to learn and do to get it done. Then find that stuff, learn it, and do it. Learn and do it before you ever move to another subject, topic, or yet another tool that promises you the moon and stars. You have to be practical here! For example, I talked to a therapist the other day who was stressing out about working up a sales funnel. So she had been following this guy who is all about funnels…actually a couple different people, but primarily one guy; she had read all his blog posts, watched a bunch of videos, taken a couple webinars, and had basically spent 3 months learning about funnels and trying to figure out how to do it for her business. She was convinced this is what she had to do to get more massage clients. She was trying to work up an offer and a landing page and email sequences and all this junk. And while she very well may get a few clients doing that sort of thing, there are far more effective ways she could have spent all that time and energy that more than likely would have resulted in far more clients and less stress. So I just asked her, why do you think this is the most valuable and efficient way to get your books filled? And she didn’t really have an answer. She had gotten caught up in the success stories of this person and that person who had made a million dollars or hit this crazy email list number or whatever, and just really had gotten caught up in the whirlwind of it all and had been convinced that this was what her business was missing. This was the one thing that would grow her business exponentially. But in reality, she had wasted a lot of time. While she had learned some valuable information, a lot of it wasn’t translating into her business. And when we started talking about how effective this strategy would really be with her specific business and her specific niche, she literally broke down in tears because she realized how much she had wasted, and how much she had stressed herself out about something that she was struggling so much with, partly because it just didn’t work in her business. She was trying to force something that just wasn’t a good fit. Square peg meet round hole. She got away from what’s really important. What her business mission is. Who her ideal client is. What her overall business goal is. And what strategies align with her mission, her ideal client, and her goals. So instead of running with whatever new tactic is supposed to be the God-send you’ve been told, take the time to evaluate it and decide if it’s really right for you, how you’re going to implement it exactly, and what kind of timeline you’re giving yourself to do it to make sure it’s cost-effective and time-effective. That’s the important stuff. The most efficient things that are going to get you moving toward your goal.

#2  Make a realistic plan

Goals are great but without a plan of action, they likely aren’t going to happen. Get serious about breaking down exactly how you’re going to accomplish your goal. For example. Let’s say your goal is to average 25 clients a week. Great! But how are you going to get those clients and what schedule is going to best work for that? So this is where you’d look at your current numbers, start piecing together a marketing strategy, and being clear about what, when, and how exactly you’re going to get these clients in the door. So each quarter that may mean getting an additional 3-5 clients every week. How are you going to get those clients in? What events will you need to go to? What ads will you need to run? What investments will you need to make? There’s a lot that goes into it, and it’s important to make a detailed plan around this. And on that note…It’s important to push yourself. We want to have big dreams and big goals, and great big plans where we get a ton done, right? There’s nothing wrong with that…like an income goal or weekly client number that just seems so far out of reach right this second, but in a year or two years, is actually quite achievable when you do all the right things. And crossing off your massive to-do list every day seems just fine because THIS is the year you’re going to feel motivated all day every day and nothing unexpected will ever come up, right? Yeah…no. That’s not how life works. Having these big goals is great. Having a huge list of tasks that you want to accomplish, great. But be realistic. Be realistic about what’s really attainable, and be realistic in the amount of time it’s likely to take you to accomplish this. Just like we can look at our schedule and know that a one hour appointment is really more like a 90 minute to 2 hour appointment depending on the time it takes for check-in, check-out, room turnover, the laundry, and any additional admin tasks associated with that client. It’s far more than just that service time, right? The same can be said for any other task you do. If it’s working up an email to send to clients, you have to come up with your offer or subject, write it, plan and make the graphics, and check your open, click-through, and booking rates after it goes out. There’s a bit more than the 20 minutes or so you may think you need to throw something together. Or, even if you’re good about knowing the time it takes you to do some of those regular tasks, life happens. Stuff comes up that gets in the way. So schedule yourself some extra time. Whether that’s a full admin day to work on all those behind-the-scenes things that have to get done, or scheduling an hour or two here and there throughout your week…whatever works best for your schedule, and allows for the stuff life can throw at you.

So what goals have you set for 2019? I want to know what’s the most important stuff you’ll be working on and what your plans are to get it all done. I know I’m making some shifts within my own business and have some massive goals to reach for this year, so I’m taking my own advice here and have done my best to focus on the most important things to reach them and I’ve made some realistic plans that allow me some flexibility. For those of you who aren’t aware I’m only a few months away from having my second baby, and the enormity of that life change is daunting to say the least, so I’ve got to allow for some time off, some schedule adjustments, probably some lack of motivation and moodiness that comes postpartum, and generally the craziness that life will undoubtedly bring. I’ve got to be realistic, and so do you. Plain and simple.

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