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Know Your Numbers

a simple KPI calculator for your massage business

Finally understand what’s happening in your business, so you can take control of it!

No more flying by the seat of your pants, and guessing at what’s going on. You can finally know all the nitty gritty details without crunching the numbers yourself. Just enter a few data points, set some goals, and let it tell you what to do.

Quickly calculate, set goals for, and create a plan of action to improve…

Net Income
Total Clients
Client Acquisition Cost
Average Client Spend
Profit Per Session
Expense Per Session
Client Lifetime Value
Owner’s Hourly Pay
Rebooking Rate

Built by a massage therapist for massage therapists
No monthly subscriptions
Pay once and use it forever!

See how it works…

Watch the instructional video below to see how it work and make sure it’s right for you and your business before you buy!

A Quick Demo

See what metrics you’ll be able to get and how everything functions.


This product includes a Google Sheets spreadsheet. If you do not have a Google account, you will need to make one to use this spreadsheet. If you choose to convert this to use in another program, the formulas, functions, and formatting may not work as intended in the original file. Please be advised we may or may not be able to assist in any issues this may cause with functionality.


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