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Stop Asking Everyone to Follow You on Social Media

I did a basic overview on this topic in a video and post a long time ago, but it bears repeating and I want to expand on it a bit as I still see this all the time. Stop asking everyone to like your Facebook page, follow you on Instagram or TikTok, or whatever else. You do not want everyone and their grandmother’s sister’s cousin’s dog to like and follow you on social media. It’s actually doing more harm than good, especially when all those other people are massage therapists you asked to like your page in a random Facebook group.

I know we all like to see a large number of likes and follows on our business pages, that follower number is fun to see climb, right? But that’s not necessarily going to help you. It’s not about the quantity of those people, it’s about the quality. Basically, you want everyone (or at least the majority) of the people who like and follow your pages to be your ideal client. Think about the basic demographics and psychographics of your ideal client.


Do the people who like your page fall into those ideal categories?
If you’re ideal clients are 25-40 year old female athletes in a small blue collar town who can afford to get weekly massages, have a gym membership, and are super health conscious, then having random people you know from all walks of life and all around the country who have all kinds of good or bad habits, is NOT going to help you or your page.

You may think, “well once I get a good following, then I can focus on my ideal client.” But no, from the get-go you need to crack down on who you want to like and follow your page. The more they fit into your ideal demographics, the better engagement you will get, and the better the social media algorithms will work. If most of your fans don’t fit that ideal demographic and psychographic, you’re wasting your time. Social media has some funky algorithms, but they’re extremely effective, IF you know how to work with them.

Your posts are only in front of a small percentage of those who follow you. Less than 6% of your Facebook likes ever see your posts. Less than 2% of your Instagram followers ever engage with your posts. These are business averages guys so yours might be a bit different, but these are pretty standard across all industries.

Why? Because they want you to pay for ads. It’s how they make their money. As a private user, it shields you from being bombarded with junk from business pages – somewhat. Frustrating for business owners? Beyond belief! But, don’t worry. There’s ways to work with these algorithms to get the most out of your page without paying anything. And if you decide to do paid ads down the road, they’ll be much more effective.

If only a small percentage of your audience is even seeing your post, that means only a small percentage of that is engaging with your content. The more someone engages with your content (likes, shares, comments, etc.), the more your content will show up on their news feed, and therefore the more likely they are to come in for an appointment and become a regular client. So you have to make sure they’re engaging! And how do you do that? You ensure that they WANT to engage with your content. It MUST be relevant to them. There are a few reasons people engage in content, particularly sharing content (which ranks much higher in Facebook’s algorithms in valuable engagement).

#1 It makes them look smart
#2 It makes them feel good about potentially helping others
#3 It relates to a problem they have

If you notice, this means that it’s not really about who they’re sharing the content with. It’s about them! So share content that is relevant to your ideal client. It’s more likely to get them in the door, but it’s also more likely that they’ll share it with their friends and family who might be of the same demographics and psychographics. The more your audience fits those, the more they will engage. The more they engage, the more they will see your content. The more they see your content, the more likely they are to become clients. And that’s kind of the whole point, right?

So there are two questions to ask yourself before you ever hit that publish button…

Who exactly are you speaking to?
What is the purpose of the post?

Posting just to post something is a waste of time and effort. Post with a specific intention, speaking to a specific audience.
Are you speaking to your ideal client or the people closest to them who may purchase a gift card? Are you speaking to a subset of your ideal client? Are you speaking to those who will partake in a very specific modality? Are you speaking to those with a particular condition? How do they speak about those things?
Are you wanting to get bookings from this post directly? Are you trying to educate them? What exactly are you educating them about? Are you offering value by giving them stretches or exercises to help their problem?
And does this purpose align with who you’re speaking to?
Valuable content matters to a valuable audience.

And yes, you can and should go through and get rid of followers who don’t fit your ideal clientele. On Facebook, you go to your page’s settings, people and other pages, take a look at who’s liking your page, check any you don’t want anymore, come up here to this wheel and remove from page likes. Instagram, you simply open your followers list, and click remove next to whoever you don’t think is appropriate. Remember, half of all web traffic is bots, and fake social media accounts are rampant, so if you have a bunch of people who like your page for a massage practice in Texas, but you have 20 likes from people who supposedly live in India, pretty good indication they’re not your ideal client and go ahead and remove them.

The number of followers mean nothing. Stop with the vanity metrics. Followers and likes and all of that mean nothing for your business if they don’t translate into sales and loyal clients. There are “influencers”…I hate that term…that have literally millions of followers who wouldn’t spend a dime on their merchandise or services. Followers don’t equal sales. Period. Get strategic with your social media marketing. THAT is how you use social media to get clients in the door, which is the whole point.

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