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June 14th, 2017

We’ve probably all worked at those events where you’ve got ten different therapists all giving chair massage and to the potential clients there you’re just another set of hands so how do you set yourself apart from the pack at these events hey guys Savannah Bell here with my massage world and today we’re going to look at four ways you can spice things up to make yourself stand out from the crowd at any event  

#1 Offer Something Other Than Chair Massage  

While chair massage is wonderful and can give a great little tease of what to expect on the table, it can look kind of boring. Almost everyone in attendance has seen a chair massage being done before, they’ve probably gotten one at one point or another. There may be several other therapists at the same event that are offering chair massage so stop blending in and instead do something totally different. Bring your table or mat and offer some Thai massage. Grab your reflexology chair and offer hot towels and mini reflexology sessions. Maybe you do fire cupping, that’ll definitely draw a crowd and spark some conversations. Whatever other types of services you offer think about how you can turn that into a mini session that you can perform at an event. Sure, bring your chair too in case somebody wants that. There’s nothing wrong with offering chair massage, but spice things up with a different service, it’ll make you stand out. 

#2 Give Something Special  

Free Bio freeze packs woohoo! No, boring. Not that there’s anything wrong with you handing those out, but think about it so is just about every other massage therapist, chiropractor, and physical therapists at the event. So, instead, really put some thought into this. What can you give away that will be used on a regular basis and makes them think of you when they use it, and it’s affordable enough that you can actually give them out for free? Maybe you put together some homemade body scrubs in pretty little mason jars with your logo on them. Or, you give out tennis balls for self-massage with a rack card describing how best to use it to get those tricky areas. Or, maybe it’s refrigerator magnets with stretches for specific aches and pains. Maybe even t-shirts with a cute saying about massage on it. Whatever you give out, make sure it has your logo and info on it. Let them be a walking advertisement for you. Put it in a nice bag with your card and a promotional offer. Now, if you’re sinking some bigger money into these like with t-shirts and stuff, I wouldn’t give them out to just anybody that walks by your table. You know like those people that are only there for the free stuff and will never actually come in for massage. They just go from table to table grabbing whatever they can get their hands on. Instead, reserve them only for those who get that awesome massage from you at the event. Or even have something even more special that’s reserved just for those who book an appointment right then and there. Heck, you could even say “wear the t-shirt around the event all night and you’ll get a free 30-minute upgrade on your next massage.” Taking the time to come up with something really unique is not only going to set you apart from the crowd, but will also keep you top of mind for all those potential clients. 

#3 Large Signs and Banners 

 I don’t know about you guys but I know that most of the events I’ve been to, almost every therapist is just handing out cards and brochures after each chair massage with not much else to entice someone over. That’s it! You need to make your entire area stand out, that means big banners and signs. Yes, they can be pricey, but it’s an investment just like any other. This is something you can use over, and over, and over again for years to come. So don’t print some specific special on it, just your logo, your business name, slogan, phone number, the basic stuff. When you walk into any event, where do your eyes focus first? Is it’s a small little stack of cards, or brochures on somebody’s table? No, they go up to the eye level or above where all the pretty banners are. Let’s face it, we’re human. We judge by appearance. So, make your space as professional planned out and put together as possible it will go a long way in making you stand out from the sea of therapists, and immediately build more trust. 

 #4 Ask to Present or Speak to the Crowd  

If there’s a stage or anywhere that organizers might speak, announce door prize winners, or anything like that, ask if you can do a small demonstration of massage. First, most people love anything that has to do with massage so you’re immediately more likely to get a yes than somebody who’s just selling clothes or something. Secondly, if you can set that up when you register for the event you can take your time preparing exactly what sort of presentation you want to give. You could bring up a friend or family member to help demonstrate some stretches that people can do at home or some other self-care techniques. Or, you could give a little talk about that unique type of massage that you’re offering. So, for example, if you do fire cupping, you can get up there and explain how it works and what the benefits are while you’re cupping someone’s back or shoulder. They can watch how it’s done, see that you know what you’re doing, and hear all about it. Then, it’s just a matter of telling them that they can try a little sample by heading over to your booth, which then gives you the opportunity to convince them to come in for a full session.  

So, next time you’re going to an event don’t look at it as just another boring chair massage gig spice things up with these four tips and I bet you’ll get far more clients from each and every event.  


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