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June 20th, 2018

In this week’s video I wanted to deliver a little tough love and show you how you might very well be your own worst enemy; how you might be working hard to succeed, but you’re just getting in your own way.

#1 Procrastination

This is such a common problem for people, and business owners aren’t some magical creatures who never struggle with it. If you find that you always seem to have something ‘more important’ to do, that you know really isn’t all that important, you may be guilty of this. Or if you know you should be working but you find yourself clicking over to scroll through social media for “just a few minutes”, this might be your problem. Instead of putting those important tasks off, yet again, put your head down and get to work. Motivation isn’t going to suddenly strike you later in the day, tomorrow, or next week. You have to make the effort to start right this minute. This idea that motivation or will power are some magic things that some people have and some people don’t, well that’s just B.S. It’s that there’s people who choose to do the small things that add up to big things, and there’s people who choose to not do any of it. So stop procrastinating, stop putting things off, and get to work.

#2 Refusing to admit your mistakes

Egos can be a real beast, and while it may be difficult to be introspective and admit our own shortcomings, it’s also crucial in order to adapt and grow your business. You’re not always right, and you don’t always know the best way to do something. That doesn’t make you ‘less than’ in any way. It makes you human. We all make mistakes, and even if it’s not necessarily a mistake, we all have things to learn. Accept this and own up to it! I can look back at things I did early in my career and shake my head and think it was God-awful, but I’m not going to deny that it every happened. I still make mistakes – I see the way I word something and realize it could have been better, or that I didn’t explain something clearly enough, or that I forgot something…whatever it is, I have to own up to it and try to do better next time. That’s part of, well being an adult, but also being a business owner. You don’t know everything and you never will – but you can learn and improve.

#3 Trying to do everything yourself

It can be hard to hand over control of any part of this precious business you’ve spent so much time building, but refusing to do so can get in your way of growth and success. There comes a point in every business where you can outsource at least some things. Whether that’s hiring a receptionist or assistant to take care of several aspects of your business, or hiring out individual tasks like laundry, social media management, or anything else, remember to look at how much more valuable your time is when you can focus on the things that bring in more income or otherwise grow your practice. And yes, other people can do these things, maybe even better than you! Because here’s the thing, are you really passionate about developing your social media graphics or writing blog posts? Or maybe you dread having to write up your website copy because you don’t know what to say. Whatever it is, let somebody else do that who loves it. That passion will come through and you can focus on the things YOU’RE really passionate about. I’m hiring an assistant who is starting in just a couple weeks and while it’s going to be a big change – I’m handing over this precious baby and letting someone else do all kinds of work that I’ve been doing myself for so long…well that’s scary, and it makes me really uncomfortable. BUT I can’t do all this myself. I spend probably 80% of my time doing tasks that I can hand over to someone else. Why would I want to spend all that time on those things when I can give them to an assistant who can handle it all, and I can then devote ALL of my time to doing the things that only I can do for the business – which is primarily the stuff that’s going to grow it. I should have done this a year ago, but I had to talk myself into it and it turns out that it’s just perfect timing right now anyway. So seek out those who can help you; find people and programs that teach you how to improve your business and give you the tools to do so. I’d like to throw my own hat into the ring here and say if you join our membership, you get all kinds of awesome tools and knowledge to grow your business fast! And last but absolutely, most definitely not least.

#4 Distraction

This is the downfall of sooo many people. It’s easy to get distracted and excited about this or that newest, best thing that comes across that’s magically going to lead to your success. However, if you find that you’re constantly moving from one project to another before the first is finished, you’re getting in your own way. Whether these are business classes you keep signing up for, the newest networking apps, or anything else that is meant to help you…make sure you’re finishing one and implementing it the best you can before moving on or you’re only wasting your time. Don’t be a victim of shiny object syndrome where you just bounce from one thing to the next without taking solid action and measuring the success of it. You can’t expect to jump from one thing to another and really make any difference. You can’t give up on one thing because it didn’t work immediately. You can’t move through all these small components and forget the foundation of your business. Stop letting yourself get distracted with this or that new thing. Whether it’s some new idea, the best new podcast, or anything else touted as the latest and greatest business tool since the invention of the telephone, you have to stay focused on your real measurable goals. Learning is wonderful, new tools can be useful, but if you’re not taking action on any of it, it is pointless!

So, how have you been getting in your own way of success?


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