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April 20th, 2017

Today, I want to answer a question that I get asked a lot when I’m teaching CE classes or when I’m mentoring. How often should I post to Facebook? There are some new guidelines on this some new data that’s come out that might change the way you think about this so here’s the thing there used to be this general rule that you should post to Facebook three to five times a day, you’ve probably heard this, but new guidelines have come out based on some research by HubSpot and there isn’t some blanket amount that is great for everyone. It’s actually determined by the number of fans you have, at least according to this study. So, what they found is to see the most effective engagement you should be posting no more than one to two times per day if you have less than 10,000 fans. If you have more than 10,000 fans on your business page that three to five times a day is more fitting. In fact, the five may still be a little bit too much. The thing here is not to overwhelm your audience, and since most massage therapists who are building up their practice probably aren’t going to have 10,000 fans you can keep this to one to two posts per day and be just fine. It’s all dependent on Facebook’s algorithms and those are quite complex. They don’t reveal all their little secrets about how it works so it takes some of this research to figure out these little innuendos on what’s going on and what’s going to be the most effective. Facebook looks at what you’re posting, how often you’re posting, when you’re posting, and what time of day you’re posting. Basically, everything that is going to decide how many people your posts are put in front of. Based on HubSpot’s data on this, we can look even deeper. Say you have just maybe a hundred fans or so, you actually get more clicks per post with just one to five posts per month, not per day, but per month when you have less than 200 fans.

So, quit stressing about posting all the time, or thinking you need to be on Facebook every day, that’s not how it works based on this data. Now remember, this is a broad look at Facebook pages this isn’t one particular niche that they’ve grabbed on to, so this might not apply to you. How do you know if it does? You test it. If you’ve been posting three times a day, then take a step back, step down so there’s just one posted. Then, see how your engagement does. Does it go up, does it go down?

Also, I want to give you a couple tips to make sure that each post is the most effective it can be. There used to be this idea that you should post several times a day throughout the week and then just once a day on the weekend. However, there’s major flaws with that logic, just like with any other business advice or tips out there, you have to figure out what fits your ideal client in your demographic to know what’s going to be best for that audience and for your page. Typical rules of Facebook say that the best times to post are 7 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5p.m. However, what if maybe you target your late-night executives? You might need to change that up a little bit because of your audience.

So, how do you determine what days and what times are best? You research the competition. Now, I’m not a fan of saying that we’re all competition, but there are other businesses out there that from a business since, you are competing with. I don’t like that in massage industry because I think everybody has a different massage so it’s not a true competition, but in the business sense you obviously have competition there are other massage therapists in your area. More than likely, there’s somebody in your area or maybe a couple towns over who’s doing really well, who you see kind of making a difference on social media. They may have similar ideal client; they’re getting some really good engagement on their post. Whatever it is, that’s fantastic and you want to research and to look into that, but you don’t want to constantly have to look them up and scroll through all of their stuff, right?

There is an easy way to keep track of this of what’s working for them so that you can do something similar. Now obviously, I am not saying that you should be copying anyone’s posts or anything like that but do a little research see what types of posts are working well and what days and what times seem to be the best for engagement. So, in this video, I show you how to do this.

First, you find a few places that are serving your ideal client. This may be a massage center, hair salon, it may even be a gym if you target athletes. Wherever your ideal client is spending time on Facebook, those pages that they’re following, pick those, and add them to your pages to the watch section. So, you’ll go to your business page and click insights.

Then, you’ll scroll all the way down until you see pages to watch. It will go ahead and populate a few suggestions for you, but you’ll go ahead and click add pages here. It’s going to give you all sorts of suggestions, or you can just search in the box at the top to find a specific one. You can add up to 5.

So, once we add these to watch you can see them lined up here alongside your page so that you can check out the number of likes how many posts they’ve done this week an engagement they’ve had on those posts. If you click the page name, you can see those posts and take a look at the type of engagement. This is where you can check out what types of posts are getting the most engagement, and take note of the days of the week and the times that seem to be best. Then, it’s just a matter of experimenting with your own post to make your page more engaging for your fans. The more engaged they are, the more likely they’re going to become clients. 


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