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June 13th, 2018

In this week’s blog/video I wanted to talk to you about what you’re tracking in your business and why it may be a complete waste of your time.

When you publish your website, or maybe when you put out a Facebook post, or publish a video, it’s exciting to sit back and watch those views and likes go up, up, up. Or you may get disappointed when you DON’T see them climbing. Those views and likes and follows and any other stat that looks good on paper but doesn’t do anything for your bottom line, is what we call a vanity metric. It holds no real value but to boost your confidence or make it crash and burn depending on the numbers. Here’s the thing, those pages that have hundreds or thousands of likes over yours, or simply ‘look’ like they’re doing great…those likes and followers don’t necessarily translate to clients or income. Those vanity metrics don’t mean much of anything. Someone can have a million followers and never be able to close more than a handful of sales. And someone else can have only 500 followers, but half of them are loyal, lifelong customers.

The metrics, the stats that you should be paying attention to are those that tie to a specific task or action and can be repeated and improved to meet the goals of your business. If a metric isn’t actionable, if you can’t do anything with it, then what the heck is the point in tracking it? Track what makes a difference or you’re just wasting your time! It’s better to have 50 people who like your Facebook page and are regularly communicating back and forth with you, building that relationship – who really do want what you provide, than to have 1,000 people who don’t do more than click the like button a few times a month. It’s better to have 30 people who sign up for your blog posts and regularly read them – meaning they want to hear what you’re saying – they want to stay connected and they believe in what you’re doing…than to have 3,000 website visitors a month who are just clicking right back to Google. In fact, it’s estimated that about half of all website traffic is made up of bots anyway – meaning that probably half of your website visitors aren’t real visitors at all, but just computer programs meant to scan the web for this or that reason. Those people who are regularly engaging, who are taking the steps to stay in touch…that’s who is showing they really have the potential to be life-long clients. Those are the metrics you need to keep track of, because those are what affects your bottom line. I’m not saying that those likes and follows are completely meaningless, but they’re not the most important thing to pay attention to.

Instead of checking your phone every 2 minutes to see how your latest post is doing, how about you focus on the strategies that are actually going to build your business. How many clients did you get this week, and how can you add just one more next week? What was your goal for income this month and why didn’t you hit it? How can you be sure you DO hit it next month? What’s your return on investment for your latest marketing efforts, like a facebook ad, and can it be improved? How many hours are you working and is that making you happy? Instead of looking at website views, look at how long someone is spending on your site and how many pages they look through. Those pages with the longest time spent, maybe you need a big call to action on it to get more people to convert to a booked appointment – or maybe you need to link to that page more because it’s obviously resonating with people.

Instead of looking just at your social media likes and shares, see how many of those actually converted to a sale or an appointment. Pay attention to the things that you can take action on…the things that actually translate to more clients, to more income, to more success; not the things that only serve your ego.


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