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September 26th, 2018

This week, I wanted to share with you some ideas for what types of retail products you can sell in your massage practice.

Whether you have a large, multi-therapist establishment, or you’re a solo practitioner, adding retail into the mix can be a great way to increase your income and offer some unique things for your clients. There’s a few things to keep in mind though…first, whatever products you sell, your reputation is directly tied to that company’s reputation, so choose wisely!

Make sure you’re selling really high quality products so you can stand behind them and you know without a doubt that the company you’re purchasing from will stand behind them too. I know retail can be a big investment up front, but it’s better to start with just a handful of high quality products and build your inventory and sales slowly, than to try adding a bunch of mediocre products to fill your shelves. Secondly, you’ll want to be sure you’ve used every single product so you can give clients a look into your own experience and give some honest insight and recommendations. And lastly, there’s a lot to consider with local ordinances and taxes and all that jazz, so do some research on the ins and outs of retail in your area specifically before jumping in.

Now, what the heck can you sell in your massage practice? First, do some research. Don’t just start offering random junk thinking you’re going to make all kinds of money. You may offer some things that are cool to you, but will your clients actually fork over the money for them? Everything you offer needs to fit your brand and tie into the needs of your ideal client. Remember last week’s video where I talked about designing your client experience? If your retail offerings are going to be part of that experience, your ideal client needs to be front and center in your mind when determining what you’ll sell.

So here’s a few ideas of things you can sell that can tie into your practice quite nicely.

Self-care tools

This can include things like the SPABALL™, foam rollers, Thera Cane, or any other type of tool that clients can use at home for their own massage and self-care routine. It’s also a great way to make sure they’re taking care of themselves between sessions.

Aromatherapy products

This could include essential oils and diffusers, candles, rollers, and all kinds of other stuff. Again, be sure you are getting high quality stuff. There’s been all kinds of issues with several big brands out there not having the potency they’re supposed to, or even completely missing some of the labelled ingredients.

Bath, body, and skincare products

Now we’re limited a little bit as massage therapists and can’t sell “professional use” products like an esthetician can, but you can find some fantastic brands with quality ingredients that your clients are going to love. You could even make your own if you want! Think oils, body butters, bath bombs or salts, body scrubs, soaps…anything you can imagine.

Clothes and accessories

It could be robes and slippers, or maybe t-shirts with funny sayings about health and wellness, locally made jewelry, or maybe branded shirts, tumblers, and other products that you not only sell, but maybe even occasionally give to your very loyal clients…hello free advertising whenever they’re out and about.

I hope that gets your mind working… now, you’re definitely going to want to know your markup and profit margin for each and every product you sell, so for those of you who are already business members, be sure to check out this week’s article on that very subject.


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