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July 12th, 2017

It’s a common question across all industries and massage therapy is no different, what do I post on Facebook? There is no black and white answer for that. There are countless subjects that you can cover in a post, and several different ways to post them, so what’s best? Today, I want to talk to you about the different types of posts that you can put on Facebook and how each one is ranked in relation to the others. Should you be posting just text, links, or images, or video? What about live videos? Before we break it down though, I want to get into explaining the difference between reach and engagement on Facebook because these are very important components to take into consideration. 

Many of you probably already know some of this, but there are plenty out there who don’t. So, if you do give me just a second to explain. Reach is simply the number of people who your post is put in front of specifically organic reach is defined by Facebook as how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your page. So, as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone or their computer your post will be included in that newsfeed, it’s reached them. Now, only a fraction of the people who like your page will actually be reached, and therefore see what you post. You may have a thousand fans, but check each one of your posts and you’ll see that they’re only reaching a fraction of your audience. In past couple of years, Facebook has made some drastic changes to their algorithms which has dropped organic reach for business pages really, really low. Some estimate as low as only 5 to 7 percent that means that only 5 to 7 percent of your audience will see any of your posts. But, don’t worry, in my opinion, I think that figure is quite a bit skewed and probably really doesn’t apply your massage practice because that number is based on pages with very, very large followings. So, think about how many pages you like for companies that don’t really care what they post, you just want to like the page because you like the company, plain and simple. For instance, there are over 27 million people on Facebook who like Amazon’s page. Do you really think all those people want to see what Amazon posts? No, but you’re a small business that focuses relationships, not just customers so you are what is different. You can take that five to seven percent figure and throw it to the wayside because it probably doesn’t apply to you. But it is important to note, so that if you see that figure floating around you don’t freak out and throw your hands up and say that Facebook is useless. That brings us to engagement.  

Engagement refers to the number of people who interact with your post in some way whether liking it, sharing it, commenting on it, tagging people in the comments, reacting with that love, the wow, sad, or angry faces. All that stuff, all that’s considered engagement. If you have a long post and they click the see more link to load the full text that’s, engagement too. If you upload a link and they click that, engagement. It basically shows Facebook that they’re interested in what you’re posting and therefore Facebook is more likely to put that type of post from that same page in front of them again. Back to that example of Amazon with 27 million likes. Their recent posts are only getting about 200 to 300 people engaged, at least from what you can see from the outside. So, again that five to seven percent reach and subsequent lower engagement I think is a really skewed. Plus, you’re a small business. People interact with small businesses far more than large corporations, especially on a positive note simply because again you don’t just have customers you are building relationships. Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have placed even more emphasis on engagement. In fact, the sooner your posts get engagement, the more Facebook pushes them to your audience. So, in the first few hours after you post anything the type of engagement that you get will set the course for success of that post. But now we’re going down a rabbit hole here. So, let’s get back to the main idea for today. 

Let’s break these post types down for you, and I’m going to be using some of my own statistics from my own business page to give you a little bit more of a tangible understanding of the difference in effectiveness of each. Because it applies across industries, and across page types.  

A text only post is extremely ineffective. It gets the least amount of reach of any post type. People don’t really read on social media. They skim, they glance, they peruse while waiting in line or hanging out on the couch after a long day. Now, obviously this doesn’t apply to every single person out there, but because the majority of people won’t stop and read the text on a post that doesn’t grab their attention because there’s so many things going through on their Facebook newsfeed Facebook doesn’t look you too kindly on it. Meaning, they don’t get put in front of many of your people just a handful. So, on my page a text only post will reach about 10 percent of my audience. 

Images do far better on the other hand. We are visual creatures and our brains want to use the least amount of energy possible for any task, meaning we may zone out on text while scrolling through, but we will definitely stop when an image grabs our attention. It can’t be just any image though, it has to make us stop and want to investigate further. But, generally speaking images are seen in a much, much better light by Facebook. So, they’re put in front of a higher percentage of your audience, your reach is higher, and your engagement will be higher. For instance, images on my page can have a reach of anywhere from 20 to 60 percent of my audience.  

Next comes videos, Facebook loves videos, kind of like this one. Videos get more engagement, and Facebook’s whole purpose is to build and foster community between people. Videos do just that. So, if you’re not already, you really should start adding videos into your post mix now, live video is even better. Some other social media platforms may have beat Facebook to the game of live video but it sure packed a punch once they launched it. Because of the reach that it gets over everything else it really is the best things you can do for your page. If you don’t like being in front of a camera that is fine, turn it around and shoot a short video of one of your therapists getting a massage, or a tour of your facility, or get on there and talk about a new product line that you’re introducing, or CE class that you just took. Whatever it is, figure out how to post a video. It builds authenticity, which helps your brand anyway and make it about something that is enticing. It’s going to encourage people to share it with their friends which will get so much more reach and your engagement is guaranteed to be higher. So, from my page video can get me anywhere from 50% to 500% of my audience. Yes, that means five times the number of people in my audience actually saw my videos in their feed simply because it has to be something people want to share. Okay, that goes across all industries and all video types. One quick note on this whole video thing, do not share your YouTube links and call that a video post, doesn’t work. It needs to be an original video that you uploaded directly on Facebook, yes even if you upload another on YouTube you need to upload it separately to Facebook. Here’s the thing, YouTube is Facebook’s competition. Why the heck would they want to send you or anyone else over there? So, sharing those YouTube links is not going to get much reach at all. Instead, if it’s someone else’s video and you can’t upload an original, post a picture graphic, video that you shoot, or a screenshot of the video that you’re linking to all as an image and then just put the link in the text of the post. The same goes with any other links that you want to share that would send people away from Facebook. So, whether a news article, a blog post, whatever post a photo or video and then put the link in the text of the post, make sense? If you forget this, don’t worry, but just understand that your reach and engagement will most likely be less than if you do an image or video with a link in the text. 

You have to know what type of posts to do, and share awesome content. You can’t just post random crap all day every day and hope something sticks. Be sure to check out my other video on why you don’t need to post as often as you think. If you think it doesn’t really matter, and you’ll just post whatever you want and screw these insights, that’s cool. Take what you will, just like anything else I ever say in any of these videos. Like I said a minute ago, only a fraction of your audience will ever see your post. You can counter this by being more effective with each post and that ties directly to knowing how they view each type.  


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