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August 9th, 2017

I’ve had it brought up over and over again asking why I do what I do, and what this company is all about. Today I thought I stray a little bit from what I normally do and give you a little insight and behind-the-scenes look at what my massage world really is and the purpose behind it. I’m going to be really honest with you guys today.  

Let me first say that I am NOT a coach and I am NOT a consultant, not there’s anything wrong with either one of those. I think they can be absolutely invaluable in any profession, especially massage, but I’m neither one of those things. I am an educator, a mentor, I teach CE classes and I mentor therapists and I have a resource center. I want to make it really clear that while yes I am the owner and kind of the face of My Massage World, this was never meant to be a personal brand and never will be. Video is just a free awesome platform to convey a message and I can reach a lot more therapists with videos like what I do normally than in other ways. So, I’m going to keep delivering videos every week as long as I’m able. Let me just tell you a little secret, I freaking hate being on video. Alright really, really hate it like with a passion. I’m getting past my own insecurities, and perfectionism to just put things out there and go with it. After they’re edited and up, I never can bring myself to watch them again. It is like the tenth circle of hell to have to sit and watch yourself on video and listen to your own voice over, and over again editing. It’s a struggle enough. Anyway, let me explain just a bit about the business, a bit about the name of the business because I actually got this question a couple of times recently, “Why the heck is it even called My Massage World?” Well, the purpose of me using that name was because from the get-go, from the conception of this company, the idea was to make sure that it is a vital resource for massage therapists and that you guys could kind of stake claim so to speak to the business. So, when you see the company name it’s like there’s this entire world within our industry that’s yours to claim so it’s My Massage World and it’s Your Massage World. As cheesy as that may sound, that was my reasoning.  

I’ve also been fussed at by a lot of people for not charging for my mentoring and then calling myself coach. Or not saving my videos for only our paid members. I’m just going to clear that up here on a larger scale rather than try to explain it individually when people ask or fuss at me. I am all about charging what you’re worth, all about it. I also believe in giving and I am fortunate and blessed enough, thank you Lord, to have built this business and my private massage practice to a point that I can give a chunk of my time away without worrying about it. That’s the choice that I’ve made. So, I take on four to five therapists to mentor at a time, and I speak with each of them usually about an hour a week or so to go over what their struggling with and create a plan to move forward, and things like that. Here’s the way I see it, I only have two hands and there are only so many hours in a day. There are only so many clients that I can work on, and I freaking love making people feel better it’s the whole reason that I got into this profession. I got a massage and thought “Holy crap, I want to make people feel this good all the time”. I think it was only a few weeks later that I signed up for massage school. My purpose is to touch as many people as possible, to make as many people feel that good. Again, I only have two hands, and I’m booked for a year in advance and I turn clients away every single day.  

So, when I look at my mentoring or doing these videos, whatever or however I can help someone succeed in their business, it’s not only awesome for them as a therapist but it changes their lives. With every client that I might help them to get on their table, that’s another client that I’ve indirectly helped to feel awesome, to ease their pain, or give them the first positive form of touch that they have experienced in years. It’s kind of like the butterfly effect. One small incident can have a ripple effect that changes the world drastically. 

So, that’s kind of how I see this, if I can influence a single therapist to improve their techniques and their business, that can be huge for that person and their family, which is amazing. It’s also about each of the clients that they work on. Because they got that massage from that particular person, they got an hour of self-care, or their chronic pain eased for a while, or whatever they got out of it they then go home, and they’re in a better mood. They can move better, so they’re more loving, and more giving to their spouse and to their children that makes a huge difference in all of their lives. I know I probably sound like a bit of crazy person, but to me that’s the big picture. If I can do that for a single person in this world then my entire business is worth it, it’s beyond measure. So as extravagant as that theory and idea probably sounds, I firmly believe that small changes that we make whether it’s a smile to a stranger on the street that can lift their mood, or a massage that changes somebody’s life because it eases their pain, whatever it is that’s my focus and that’s the purpose of this business. It’s My Massage World and I hope you see this as Your Massage World too. I hope you can see the big picture of what kind of effect and impact you really have on a client and their lives. 


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