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Why Isn’t Your Marketing Working?

Today, let’s talk about marketing, and specifically why all your marketing efforts don’t seem to be working. Now, this may not be what you want to hear, but as always, a little tough love is sometimes necessary, and that’s part of why I’m here.

Let’s just rip the bandaid off…
If you find yourself saying social media doesn’t work or email marketing doesn’t work, or events don’t work, or whatever the case may be when it comes to your marketing efforts. You need to take a good hard look at reality. Maybe it’s not that those things don’t work. Maybe it’s that YOUR social media marketing doesn’t work. Maybe it’s YOUR email marketing that doesn’t work. Maybe It’s YOUR event marketing that doesn’t work. And the common denominator there, isn’t the marketing avenue itself, it’s YOUR METHODS within those marketing avenues.

Because quite honestly, those things do work, but you have to know HOW they work. And that’s the problem most people are running into here. They’re not looking at the how, at the intricacies of what these things take. They’re not learning the methods that do in fact work. They’re just throwing around random Facebook posts, sharing memes, they’re sending poorly worded emails with clunky subject lines, they’re sitting at a table at events and waiting for people to approach them. All you’re doing there is poor advertising, not marketing.

Marketing involves knowing your ideal client; what their problem is, how they speak about it, where they are, what they’re looking for in a solution, what makes them resonate with an authority, their buying behaviors, and all that kind of stuff. Then planning the overall purpose of your marketing, pinpointing your overall marketing message, deciding the detailed purpose of each marketing effort, and then developing the detailed messages around all of it. It’s much more intensive than just posting to Facebook just to have something in the feed or sending an email with mediocre content that most people don’t even open…or sitting at random events hoping clients will book. And yet, that’s exactly what I see most massage therapists doing.
Random attempts, with random content, in random places. But that’s honestly a huge waste of time and effort.
You need a marketing strategy, a detailed marketing strategy, that when executed will give you a steady stream of clients and help you to build that solid clientele that will make your business a success. Because a strategy makes it efficient. It means that every hour of work you put in will pay off. It’s not a guessing game. It’s based on data and needs, and then tweaked and improved based on even more data as you go and do more.

So please, let’s shift that mindset from “this particular thing doesn’t work” to start seeing how you might just be getting in your own way. A little time spent upfront developing a true marketing strategy is going to give you a massive return in the long run and actually make your marketing a whole lot easier as you go because you have this solid foundation that it all comes back to.

And if you need help building a marketing strategy, like actually piecing together all those concepts, I’ve got a class on that!

Hey there! I'm a massage therapist, educator, writer, and business pro helping massage therapists around the world build successful businesses. My goal is to give you everything you need to start, run, and grow a profitable massage practice that supports a life you love, all without the headaches I went through learning how to do it myself.

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